Welcome to VMart Foundation

Promoting VMart network and technologies

Foundation Overview

VMart Foundation is a membership-based non-profit organization in charge of operating and maintaining VMart's blockchains and nodes, building and expanding VMart platform network, and developing and managing VMart Token ecosystem and VMart Crypto Exchange.

Foundation Members

VMart Foundation's members include enterprises, non-profit organizations, multilateral organizations and academic institutions that are devoted to promoting VMart blockchain technology application and decentralized platforms.

VMart Technology, Inc. is VMart Foundation's founding member. VMart’s partner enterprises with branding platform developed through VMart Blockchain Solutions will also automatically become a member of VMart Foundation.

Branding App Platforms

VMart One is a next-generation globalized mobile content social media platform. The platform provides users with automated quality content rewarding and user activity encouraging mechanisms, and utilizes AI algorithms to generate personalized content recommendation for users.